10 Affordable Things to Do in Dubai

Learn 10 affordable things you can do in Dubai here! It’s easy to spend a ton of money in Dubai, but there are affordable activities to explore too.

Last Updated March 10, 2023

You can do everything on this list for less than $100 and would take about 3-5 days to do everything mentioned. Whether you’re visiting Dubai on a long layover or looking to fill a week long Dubai itinerary, this city will impress you. Most items on this list are free, but a few will come with a worthwhile price. Read more about being in Dubai on a budget!

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1. Walk the Marina

The marina is a beautiful area full of high rise condos and restaurants. Between all the boats and the new construction luxury, it gives me Miami vibes. It is easily reachable along the metro and you could spend hours walking up, down, and around the marina to find your perfect lunch spot.

2. Off-road on a Desert Safari

Want to go dune bashing and sand boarding? It won’t cost you too much. Best of all, you’ll get to see the famous Arabian Desert. You can find tours through Viator or Get Your Guide for less than $50 a seat. It’s nice to get out of the city and see how quickly the scenery changes. For a half day, I found this exciting adventure the price is worth it.

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dubai desert safari three white SUVs in the sand

3. Head to the top of the Burj Khalifa

Perhaps the most famous building in the UAE, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. While access to the top floor is restricted, visitors can head up to the 125th floor for about $45 to take in some impressive views. This viewing deck can get crowded, so they also offer a view from the 148th floor for $100 per ticket. You can buy your tickets online and in advance to save yourself from the crowds.

I went with the cheaper option during a weekday morning and did not deal with long lines.

4. Chill on the Beach by Burj al Arab

Staying in the Burj al Arab is usually well over $1,000 a night, but looking at it is free! *disappointed laughter* You can get views of Burj al Arab from a few spots along the beach. There is a public beach along with portions that are private for hotels.

Want to find a spot without so many people? Try the private beach. In 2018 I walked through the Jumeriah Beach Hotel, bought a coffee to qualify myself as a guest, and then spent hours on their patio and quiet private beach. I went in the morning and for awhile I was the only person on the beach.

This method for getting a perfect view of the Burj al Arab may have changed though. I’ve heard that you now need to buy a “guest day pass” from the Jumeriah Beach Hotel in order to access their beach and pool area. This pass comes at a steep price of $150+ though.

Burj al Arab Dubai hotel and beach

5. Watch the fountain light show

This was one of my favorite things to see. Every night the pool around the Burj Khalifa does a fountain show as well as uses its entire facade of the building to display a colorful light show. It is loud, highly animated, and so much cooler than anything I’ve ever seen in Las Vegas.

Although the fountain show was designed by the same company as the one at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, the accompanying show on the exterior of the Burj Khalifa take it into a whole new level. There are several shows in the evening depending on the day so check the schedule. Best of all, it’s a super affordable thing to do in Dubai because it is entirely free.

Burj Khalifa night light show dubai UAE

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6. Explore Old Dubai

There are lots of things to see in the old Dubai neighborhood. Here is where you’ll find traditional gold and spice souks. The shops look a bit touristy, but nonetheless are fun to see. You can spot several minarets, hear the call to prayer, and stroll along the creek too. Step off from the Al Ras metro stop and you’ll quickly find the bazaar. Many of the budget activities in Dubai involve exploring on foot. Bringing your camera and creativity makes it more fun too.

7. Browse the malls

So you didn’t fly halfway around the world to see another Zara and H&M, but some of Dubai’s most famed attractions are part of the malls. There are two main ones: the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. The gigantic aquarium and access to the Burj Khalifa are found in the Dubai Mall, while the skiing slopes are at the Mall of the Emirates.

Admission to the attractions come with price tags that quickly add up, but the good news is that you can watch some of the skiing from a viewing window and get a sneak peak of the aquarium through a multistory acrylic panel looking right into a giant tank. The malls are a great option, especially on hot day as it’s comfortably air conditioned.

Dubai mall waterfall and shops

8. Stroll along La Mer Beach

You can spend an afternoon or even a whole day on the beach here. There are spots to rent a towel or a beach lounger and plenty of stylish restaurants to choose from if you get hungry. Although, if you want to keep a tight budget in Dubai, I recommend bringing your own snacks from a local market instead of buying meals at the restaurants. With its palm trees, swimwear boutiques, and string lights along the boardwalk, it has the feeling of a beachy Rodeo Drive.

9. Check out Jumeirah Mosque

Very few mosques are open to non-Muslims, but this one is. For about $10 you can have a guided tour to learn more about Islam. The mosque is right by La Mer beach so you could do both in one day and stay on budget.

10. Ride an abra on Dubai Creek

While to some locals, these boats are just a normal part of transportation in the city, they can be a fun little cruise across the canal in Dubai. It’ll take you from one side to the other so you can explore further into old Dubai. It lasts only 5 minutes each way, but it costs less than a dollar. Visiting Dubai on a budget is definitely possible when much of the exploration utilizes public transportation such as the abra boats.

an abra on Dubai creek in old dubai and flags of UAE

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