About Me

Travel to learn.

Hi, I’m Taylor. Working my way towards a PhD, I study comparative and identity politics. I have a Master’s in International Affairs and have presented and published my research internationally. I previously worked at two U.S. Embassies overseas and spend my free time running, practicing photography, and reading.

I created my first travel blog in 2014 and it has been with me ever since. First starting as a daily travel dairy, it later became a gallery of my photos and summaries of trips. Now it serves as a community resource for fellow travelers tired of the “instagram worthy” idealized travel images coupled with useless captions. I believe social media can be a better tool. If you like to explore and learn, this community is for you.

Why pick this name?

“Tay Trum” was a nickname in high school that somehow stuck around through college. It is the combination of the first syllable in my first and last name. Only a handful of people still call me that, but it’s a unique moniker. Add the word travel to the end and you’ve got a triple alliteration.

Why call it an atlas?

I chose to refer to the main travel page as an atlas because countries are more than destinations. Using the word “destinations” reflects the traveler’s perspective, the antithesis of this community’s purpose. The World Atlas has been one of my favorite books since childhood. It combines travel and learning so it felt like the perfect fit.

Where I’ve been:




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Want to contribute to the page? Let’s collaborate! Message me if you have a topic you’d like to cover. This community is not supposed to be lead by one voice.


Los Angeles, California